NUCA is the National Utility Contractors Association — the leading trade association working solely for the utility construction and excavation industry in the United States. NUCA’s nationwide network of state/regional Chapters and member companies represent utility contractors, excavators, suppliers, manufacturers, and other providers in the water, sewer, gas, electric,  treatment plant, telecommunications, and excavation industries.



NUCA’s core purpose is to improve the operational proficiency and financial performance of its member companies by providing services that focus on shared industry issues. NUCA also works to secure more funding for America’s aging underground infrastructure. Founded in 1964, NUCA is the driving force for improving conditions in the utility construction and excavation industry, for both open-cut and trenchless contractors.



NUCA was formed in 1964 when a handful of visionary contractors digging for a better future signed the association’s articles of incorporation. The original statement of purpose referred to the association’s mission “to represent the common interests of utility contractors at hearings, meetings and conferences held by legislative and public administrative bodies on a national, state and local level.” From that time forward, NUCA has worked tirelessly to promote the interests of the underground utility and excavation contracting industry before legislators and regulators, succeeding in thwarting laws and rules that threatened our industry’s viability and profitability and pushing for those helpful to our members’ businesses and the environment in which they operate.

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NUCA: We Dig America!
If your company wants to grow, NUCA is the organization that can make that happen. We have seven ideas we strive to achieve for our members, their companies, their employees, the industry, and our communites and the nation: