Team NUCA is a points-based rewards program for NUCA members who refer outside organizations to NUCA for membership. Team NUCA members receive special gifts and recognition at NUCA events.

How do I become a member of Team NUCA?
Just call 703.358.9300 and tell a NUCA staff member whenever you recruit a new member. Any member who earns six or more points in a calendar year is considered a member of Team NUCA for that year.

How do I gain points?
(5) Five points for the sole recruitment of a new NUCA member (any type, any category – but must be a first-time member or former member who has not been a member of NUCA or a NUCA chapter for at least three years).
(3) Three points for the shared recruitment of a new member. Collaboration is often key to recruitment success – and any partner in that success is encouraged!
(1) One point is awarded annually for the consecutive retention of those members.

Note: Points are only awarded if personal contact is made with a prospect prior to joining. You must inform NUCA that you successfully recruited the member. One point is awarded annually for the consecutive retention of those members.

How will I be recognized?

  • Your name, company name, state and number of points earned will be listed and/or recognized in:
  • Utility Contractor Magazine twice a year 
  • NUCA’s website
  • Announcement in NUCA@Work e-newsletter 
  • Program Guide and slideshow at the Annual Convention/EXPO
  • Awards Luncheon at the Washington Summit
  • You will also receive appreciation gifts each year at the NUCA Annual Convention from Walk On level and higher.
Team NUCA membership levels and points required
Bench Warmer: 0 points
Practice Squad: 1-4 points
Walk On: 5-19 points
Red Shirt: 20-49 points
Varsity Red: 50-74 points
Varsity Blue: 75-99 points
Team Captain: 100-149 points
All-League: 150-249 points
League MVP: 250-499 points
All-American: 500-749 points
National MVP: 750-999 points
Player for the Ages: 1000 or more points