Submit Abstract

What are the requirements for submitting an article abstract?

NUCA is currently accepting submissions of proposed article abstracts. If you are interested in becoming a contributing author to the Journal, please keep the following requirements in mind when submitting an abstract.

Abstracts should be between 200-300 words and include:
  1. Proposed topic.
  2. A summary of the proposed article.
  3. An explanation as to how the article relates to NUCA members.
  4. A brief (<50 word) summary of your expertise or qualifications for writing the article.
Additional abstract information:
  1. Contributors should be familiar with our membership and their concerns.
  2. While we give members the right of first refusal, non-members are welcome to submit article proposals.
  3. Article selection will be based upon your proposed topic, article originality, and relevance to our members.
  4. Preference is always given to original content, but a reprinted article may be accepted if it has not appeared in other heavy-construction publications.
  5. Please propose topics that are in your area of expertise, which will allow you to provide an in-depth analysis.
Once an abstract is accepted, final articles should meet the following criteria:
  1. Topics should include advice or steps that our members can use to improve or streamline some aspect of their businesses.
  2. Final articles should run between 900 to 1,500 words (about 2-3 MS Word pages) and should include pictures or diagrams pertinent to the topic covered.
  3. Articles should not include self-promotion of any specific company, service, or product. We provide space at the end of the article for a bio, company information, and contact info.
  4. If a proposed topic is approved, contributors will be given 2-3 weeks to submit final article.
  5. Final articles must be tailored for utility contractors: contributors must have a clear understanding of business issues relevant to NUCA members.
General topic areas:

Hiring and Retention, Workforce Development, Employee Management, Internal Employee Development, Project Risk Management and/or Risk Assessment, General Project Management, Effective Bidding Process, Strategic Leadership, Key Performance Indicators that Drive Best Practices, Effective Negotiation Techniques, Insurance and Bonding, Succession Planning, Emerging Technologies.

Articles may also cover general business topics, but must be relevant to NUCA members.

In-house editing process:

All articles for the Journal go through in-house editing for content, style, and formatting. You will be provided with a copy for final approval, prior to publication. After the article is published, you will be provided with a physical and digital copy of the Journal. NUCA reserves the right to use submitted articles at a later date, even if the article is not initially published.
If you have any questions regarding submitting an abstract for the Journal, please contact the publication's managing editor Robert Baylor.