NUCA WINS: What's New

We’re proud to announce the immediate availability of NUCA-WINS 3.0 - the Next Generation of Job Site Data Collection!
Working with your fellow NUCA members we have added many meaningful enhancements to NUCA-WINS, all designed to make it easier for utility contractors to record, review, and report all types of incidents and reports directly from the job site. Among the new features you will find:
  • Video Statements - Great for Pre-Dig Surveys
  • Job Site Reports - Collect All Site Information
  • Data Collection Workflow Configuration - Customize to Your Requirements
  • Data Visualization Dashboard - Instant Status Analysis
  • Geolocation Mapping Annotations - Sketch “How it Happened”
  • Audit Trails - Full Tracking of User Access, Use, and Modifications
The NUCA-WINS app has been completely reimagined with even more intuitive workflows, and is available on both iOS (Apple) and Android (Google) platforms.
NUCA-WINS allows Utility Contractors to design and deploy an unlimited number of Site, Asset, and Personnel reports, providing unparalleled capabilities in collecting vital information directly from the job site. These reports, combined with customizable Incident data-collection workflows, empower organizations to determine and deploy that which works best for their own unique operations.
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