Most Wanted Campaign

Our 2022 regional campaign was a success with many prospects signing up as new NUCA members!

Utility contractors are the heart of the NUCA experience and are the focus of our fall 2022 "Most Wanted" Regional New Member Campaign.

Over the month of October and early November, NUCA's Chapters are asking for their member's help to encourage contractors to become full members. Chapters have designated key non-member contractors as the “Most Wanted.” 

The value of NUCA membership is clear for excavators utility contractors, as they are the heart of the NUCA Mission. For specialty contractors, membership makes sense for business building--they work alongside contractor members on jobsites every day. Let's show them that a NUCA membership makes sense for their bottom line and their employee's safety, too. 

Working together, Chapter leaders and their membership committees have identified each Chapter's "Top Five Most Wanted" utility/excavation contractor prospects and the "Top Five Most Wanted" specialty contractor prospects.

During the 2022 New Member Campaign, we'll be identifying Chapter members as recruiters and match them to each of a Chapter's "Most Wanted" prospects. NUCA National will be keeping track on this webpage and the five regional subpages on the campaign's progress. 

Our campaign will happen with one campaign week in each of NUCA’s five Regions. It kicks off the first week with our Central Region Chapters. Chapters in the West, MidWest, SouthEast, and finally, the NorthEast Region will follow.

Your Chapter would welcome your help with new member outreach! 

Fifth Week - November 7-13, 2022: NorthEast Region Chapters
NUCA of Pennsylvania
UCA of Connecticut
NUCA of New Jersey
NUCA of Metro Washington D.C.
Central & S.W. Virginia UCA

Fourth Week - October 31-November 6, 2022:  SouthEast Region Chapters
NUCA of the Carolinas
NUCA of North Florida
NUCA of Northwest Florida
NUCA of Central Florida
NUCA of South Florida
NUCA of Southwest Florida
Suncoast Utility Contractors Association

Third Week - October 24-31, 2022: MidWest Region Chapters
NUCA of Nebraska
NUCA of North Texas
NUCA of San Antonio
NUCA of Gulf Coast (TX)
NUCA of Greater Kansas City Region
NUCA of Iowa

Second Week - October 17-23, 2022: West Region Chapters
NUCA of Las Vegas (NV)
AZUCA Arizona Chapter of NUCA 
NUCA of Colorado
NUCA of Hawaii
NUCA of Washington
NUCA of East Washington & North Idaho

First Week - October 10-16, 2022:  Central Region Chapters
Central & S.W. Virginia UCA
NUCA of Indiana
NUCA of Kentucky
NUCA of Ohio
NUCA of East Tennessee
NUCA of Middle Tennessee
NUCA Mid-South