NUCA-WINS – the job site data recording app
NUCA-WINS is a job site data recording and reporting platform developed specifically for NUCA members. With mobile data collection (both Apple and Android) and a web dashboard for storing recorded data, generating reports, and automatically building and submitting reports and claims, NUCA-WINS helps utility contractors ensure accurate and timely records are created and managed, reducing costs and improving accuracy, for all types of incidents and reports.
NUCA-WINS gives your field teams the ability to record critical job site data – documenting and creating reports for Injury, Damage, Safety, Conduct, and Security incidents.
For the Field Team:
  • Easily create job site reports, recording on-the-ground conditions before the digging starts
  • Report worksite incidents such as utility strikes, property damage, injuries and near misses, conduct issues, theft, trespassing, vandalism, and more
  • Collect witness statements, record audio and video, take pictures and draw sketches in support of incident reports

For the Manager:
  • Immediate notification of job site incidents
  • Company-wide Key Performance Indicator dashboard
  • Automated report creation and legal, safety, medical, and insurance form-filling and transmittal
  • Map view of incidents to identify location-based issues

For the Executive/Owner:
  • Create clear documentation of events to protect against spurious legal challenges
  • Protect employees and ensure proper responses to hazards
  • Reduce compliance costs and legal liabilities

An annual NUCA-WINS subscription costs $25.00 per employee. A monthly subscription is $2.50 per employee. These rates reflect the 33% NUCA-member discount. Minimums apply.

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