Contributing to the PAC is easy and makes a difference! NUCA/PAC supports federal Congressional candidates that support and further our industry.

The National Utility Contractors Association's Legislative and Information Political Action Committee (NUCA/PAC) is the only registered federal political action fund managed exclusively by and for U.S. utility and excavation contractors, suppliers, manufacturers, and service providers.

Since 1976 NUCA/PAC has been a leading American construction industry PAC because of this industry's loyal and dedicated family of supporters. NUCA/PAC's sole purpose is to provide financial support to federal candidates who actively support our nation's utility construction and excavation industry.

How do I join NUCA/PAC?

To join NUCA/PAC, the Federal Elections Commission requires trade associations like NUCA to receive prior authorization from an individual or a member company before NUCA/PAC can communicate any information related to NUCA/PAC or its fundraising solicitations. That's the requirements of today's federal election laws.

Step 1. Please select either the individual or company pre-authorization form for your NUCA/PAC 2022-2026 communications:

NEW: Online NUCA/PAC Pre-Authorization Form for Individuals
For communications with a single individual. This completed form is automatically sent to NUCA for processing.

NUCA/PAC Pre-Authorization Form For Individuals (PDF).
For communications with a single individual.

NUCA/PAC Pre-Authorization Form For Company Excutives & Employees (PDF)
For communications with company executives and multiple company employees.

Step 2. Please return the completed form to Ms. Chris Barrett at or by mail to: NUCA/PAC, Attn: Chris Barrett, 3925 Chain Bridge Rd., Suite 300, Fairfax, VA 22030-3938

Step 3. Once NUCA receives and processes the completed electronic or PDF pre-authorization form, we then will be able to send you a NUCA/PAC fundraising form for your use. We will also be able then to send you NUCA/PAC communications, such as emails and letters, that you can use for participation and/or contributions.

For more information about NUCA/PAC, including our policy on contributions, please contact the NUCA office at 703.358.9300. We are here to help you get involved!
NUCA/PAC Information Flyer

Our new 2022 NUCA/PAC information flyer is perfect to handout at Chapter meetings this election year. (PDF, 8.5x11-in.)