Business Resources

Government Resources for Businesses

USDOL Coronavirus Resources - Workplace safety, wage & hour, unemployment insurance, USDOL temporary rules, and other useful business management information from the US Dept. of Labor.

USDOL Wage & Hour Division - Pandemics and the effects on employer wage & hour requirements, and FLSA and FMLA regulation

OSHA: Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19 - Employee absenteeism, response planning, disease prevention, employee communications, safe work practices, PPE, and many more basic details are covered in this OSHA document for companies seeking first information. (PDF) | In Spanish.

Guide to Government COVID-19 Resources - An informal government guide obtained by NUCA listing other government COVID-19 recovery resources. (PDF)

U.S. Small Business Administration - Coronavirus (COVID-19): Small Business Guidance & SBA Loan Resources. Over $375 billion in aid is being made available to small businesses, including loans forgiven if used to cover payroll and other business expenses during this emergency.

Centers for Disease Control:  Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Facility. Everyday steps, steps when an employee is sick, and considerations for employers.

Private Industry COVID-19 and Business Recovery Information

Littler Return to Work Initiative - Littler HR's comprehensive resources include return-to-work protocols, EEO compliance, state-by-state face mask orders, recalling furloughed employees, privacy screening, and safety and health information.

Contractor Advisorly: Resources for How To Stay Safe As A Contractor During COVID-19 Pandemic

Lytx COVID-19 Information and Resources for Fleets: Today fleet drivers need to be protected and operations need to run lean. These NUCA National Partner resources are here to help your company with both goals.

HUB International COVID-19 Resource Center - NUCA member HUB International's comprehensive COVID-19 resources on insurance, business continuity, employee relations, legal and regulatory considerations, retirement planning during this emergency, and more.

Aronson LLC - Minimize the risks in your business operations with Aronson's construction and real estate checklist. A founding member of NUCA of DC, this Maryland-based LLC also has provided summary information on Federal tax changes, paid leave, and other COVID-19 business information.

Zywave COVID-19 Resource Center - This HR compliance center offers resouces developed by their attorneys to answer questions about the new paid leave law requirements of all U.S. businesses, COVID-19 workplace compliance, expansion of health coverage rules, and other human resouces answers.

Construction Dive's coronavirus headquarters: In-depth analysis for contractors seeking news information about the virus's impact on the construction industry.

National Law Review Coronavirus News - A comprehensive and growing resource for labor and employment laws and regulations affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Answers on OSHA regs, contracts, telecommuting, pending legislation, etc.

Coronavirus/COVID-19 Task Force Legal Resource Center - This Pennsylvania law firm has assembled some useful answers to labor and employment, real estate & finance, force majeure & contracts, credit/debtor issues, and some U.S. state specific issues for the pandemic.

Seyfarth COVID-19 Resource Center - This national human resources law firm is offering their thoughts on employment, benefits, health plans, risk management, workplace safety, and more business management topics affected by COVID-19.

Assured Partners: COVID-19 Employer Insights - This Florida-based insurance firm has several employer guides on insurance implications, workers compensation, benefits, and property & casualty issues.
NUCA Webinar:

Legislative Update on Covid-10 Relief Legislation - A discussion of the business loan programs recently signed into federal law, and proposed further federal aid to businesses. Presented April 1 by Eben Wyman, NUCA Government Relations.

Coronavirus, An Unforeseeable Circumstance - Force majeure provisions as well as notice and suspension rights are getting a second look due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Presented March 25th by Shawn R. Farrell, Esq.

Articles of Note:

ConsensusDocs: ADR for Construction Disputes During COVID-19: How to Manage Dispute Resolution Before and After the Dust Settles

National Law Review: CDC Issues New Guidance for Critical Infrastructure Workers

Littler WPI: OSHA Sheds Light on COVID-19 Recording Requirements

IRMI: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Business Income Losses—Are They Covered By Commercial Property Insurance?

Marketwatch: What the Coronavirus Pandemic Means for Workplace Laws

Network Depot - How to Protect Your Small Business from Increased Cybersecurity Threats during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Dilworth Law - $2 Trillion CARES ACT Signed into Law With Numerous Provisions Explained

JDSupra - CARES Act Tax Summary. A summary by a leading tax firm of the major tax provisions in the CARES Act, many of which will benefit businesses large and small.

Olson Construction Law - Recommendations on Delays, Suspension of Work, and Terminations Due to Covid-19

Construction Dive: Construction attorneys answer readers' coronavirus legal questions

ConsensusDocs: Coronavirus/Covid-19 Guidance for Construction Contractors

Cohen Seglias: Coronavirus Update: Is Your Construction Site Still Open?

National Law Review: COVID-19, “Force Majeure” Clauses and Contractual Nonperformance

Oles Morrison: COVID-19 and Impacts on Construction - Force Majeure Clauses

National Law Review: Potential impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on construction projects

Construction Dive: In most U.S. cities, construction work continues as shutdowns loom. Where does that leave contractors?

Construction Executive: Coronavirus and the Construction Industry - How to Handle an Inevitable Delay

National Law Review: Commercial Contracts: Anticipating and Mitigating Disruptions to Supply and Demand

National Law Review: Is COVID-19 Recordable or Reportable to OSHA?

Seyfarth-Shaw: Employer Liability Issues with COVID-19