Submit Evaluation Online

What to do:
Start by filling out your contact information. Then please review each key section carefully and evaluate your company's standard practices and/or policies currently in place. 

How to score points:
Start your review with the first point subsection (12 points). If your company meets all guidelines/practices you can select 12 points from the drop down box at the bottom of that section. If you cannot agree that your company meets all guidelines and/or criteria in that point subsection move on to the next point subsection.

IMPORTANT: If you do not evaluate your company with 8 points and above this is a key indicator that those areas need additional attention moving forward. Be sure to select at least one point amount in the drop-down box before moving on to the next key section.

Overall score:
Points will be tallied at the end of the evaluation for an overall score. The evaluation from will then be submitted to the NUCA Safety STAR Review Committee. 

You can save an evaluation form to complete during the process. Click the SAVE button, you will receive an email from JotForm with a link to go back to complete your form.