Train the Trainer

Train-The-Trainer (TTT) Class

Since NUCA held its first CPT/CSE train-the trainer programs 25 years ago, an entirely new generation of workers are entering the workforce – young and inexperienced. They need to know how to work safely around excavations and confined spaces.

NUCA expects the demand for CPT/CSE instructors to steadily increase over the next few years, as employees who were trained in early years retire and make way for new, inexperienced, but motivated workers.

NUCA approved Instructors are an elite group of individuals who have helped to build and improve this program as the years passed. Just as your trained employees are retiring, so are many of our trainers; creating a need for new well-trained instructors to teach the NUCA programs.

NUCA instructors have trained well over 350,000 employees in the last 25 years. Many of these instructors are consultants who are available for hire and others are in-house instructors who teach within their companies. There are many potential clients available and a lot of companies with new and inexperienced workers that need to be trained. In addition, companies are not only training supervisors to be competent persons but are also training their field employees.

NUCA programs are available in both English and Spanish for instructors to use to train employees. All the training materials an instructor needs to teach the programs are provided. English speaking instructors have always been in demand while the demand for bilingual instructors is growing rapidly and NUCA Approved Instructors are provided with and authorized to use the NUCA training materials.

You too, can be one of these well trained and respected instructors who are qualified and approved to teach the NUCA programs, which are considered the best in the industry. Become a NUCA Approved Instructor, begin building relationships, and you will soon find yourself saving lives and preventing serious injuries.

Are you a NUCA member who has training/instructor experience and is knowledgeable about excavation work and OSHA construction regulations?

To qualify as a NUCA instructor, applicants must have experience in the construction industry, be an OSHA instructor or possess a strong knowledge of OSHA standards, have had prior experience instructing classes or groups, and be willing to make a commitment to the industry. NUCA membership is required before attending the class or the applicant must be sponsored by and work for a NUCA member in good standing.

Applications are accepted all year round and are subject to approval. If you are interested in becoming a NUCA Instructor, please click the link below to download your application and Letter of Agreement. 

For more information please contact Mike Flowers.
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April 23-26, 2024
American Job Center
1598 Green Lea Blvd
Gallatin, Tennessee 37066