The trenchless construction industry is growing at a rapid pace and the demand for utilizing trenchless technologies (TT) is also growing. A recent study by ASCE indicates that 30% of all utility construction projects are specified with trenchless technologies, and that by 2025, 50% of all projects are expected to require the use of trenchless technologies.

In a 2019 NUCA survey, it was determined that the lack of technical field knowledge among design engineers about the capability of trenchless technology to fulfill project parameters in a cost-effective and timely manner continues to be a major issue in the industry. This knowledge gap between contractors and engineers has resulted in under-representation in nearly all trenchless arenas that affect trenchless contractor businesses—bidding and estimating, damage prevention, project management, change orders, claims, and much more. As a result, contractors often absorb the related costs.
NUCA established its new Trenchless Contractors Department (TCD) in 2019 to enhance the focus on the unmet representation of contractors in the industry, and is the only organization working for all trenchless contractors, installation and rehab.

In early 2022, the TCD wrapped up its four years of work to update the trenchless manual (last updated in 2004) and have printed the Trenchless Construction and New Installation Methods (Manual), 5th Edition. The new manual was released in late March 2022 and is ready for purchase by NUCA members and others in this growing segment of the industry.

The TCD remains active and is now moving on to other projects to promote these cost-efficient and time-saving techniques to the industry.
Many public officials are completely unaware of most trenchless technologies. Part of the department's mission will be to educate elected officials on this emerging technology and build relationships with state and local government organizations who can use this cost-saving technology on their community's infrastructure projects. NUCA will take advantage of any and all opportunities to educate policy makers about trenchless technologies or participate in arenas where NUCA can influence provisions in standards, best practices, local policy so that NUCA and trenchless technology are viewed as infrastructure and TT experts.

NUCA’s Trenchless Contractors Department is a department within the Association that represents trenchless contractors and their vendor partners engaged in one or more of the following trenchless installation or rehab methods:

New Installation:
Auger Boring
Direct Pipe
Guided Boring
Horizontal Directional Drilling
Pipe Bursting
Pipe Jacking/Utility Tunneling
Pipe Coating
Pipe Grouting
Pipe Lining
Point Repair

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