Train the Trainer

The updated Train-the-Trainer courses emphasizes building instructors and teaching them the concepts of being an effective instructor while focusing on teaching the core NUCA Competent Person and NUCA Confined Space Courses.

NEW! NUCA also offers a Train-the-Trainer course in Damage Prevention. Attendees will be certified NUCA Instructors and will be held to the same standards as the current letter of agreement for Competent Person and Confined Space instructors.  Once certified instructors will have the ability to train for their companies as needed. The benefit to the members of this course is to eliminate or limit the number of utility strikes.  This would reduce downtime, project delays and loss of production. The propose is also to create a safer work environment.  Having properly trained individuals is the key to success for every company.  

NUCA approved Instructors are an elite group of individuals who have helped to build and improve this program as the years passed. Just as your trained employees are retiring, so are many of our trainers; creating a need for new well trained instructors to teach the NUCA programs. 

Price (NUCA Members Only):
Competent Person Training only = $587 | Confined Space Entry Training only = $587 | Both CPT & CSE = $1,175
Damage Prevention Training = $1,200

Applications are accepted all year round and are subject to approval. To register for a Train-the-Trainer event, e-mail Mike Flowers, Director of Safety, Education, and Training to receive an application for any upcoming training classes.

For more information on these programs, please contact the NUCA office at 703-358-9300 or email Mike Flowers at

Upcoming Train the Trainer Classes:
Compentent Person & Confined Space - Train the Trainer course

April 23-26, 2024
American Job Center
1598 Green Lea Blvd
Gallatin, Tennessee 37066