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Wednesday, February 7, 2024, 2:00pmET
Sponsored by NUCA National Partner Tenna
Topic: CFO in the Know: Addressing Costly Tech Mistakes
Innovations in technology have notoriously been failing to meet the needs of the construction industry. When the desire to move from tedious, manual procedures became evident, many contractors looked to solve this problem by purchasing platforms that work independently to solve specific pain points which eventually led to an overwhelming tech stack with “solutions” that did not work well together. Join us to learn why failing to improve your company’s tech stack can be detrimental to your daily operations and, ultimately, your bottom line, along with actionable steps on how avoid the costly pitfalls that can occur when implementing new technologies.
Our presenter will be Russ Young. As Chief Business Development Officer for Tenna, Russ oversees the growth strategy for the organization by working with sales, partners and customers to ensure success. Russ brings two and a half decades of experience from Google, Amazon, Oracle and FMI in best practices for technology strategy, selection and adoption. He applies his knowledge from these organizations to build awareness and provide thought leadership to the construction industry. He emphasizes the importance of technology and picking the right tool for the job. 

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Previous Webinars:

 Data-driven Profitability for Utility Construction
Sponsored by NUCA National Partner B2W Software, a Trimble Company

Three approaches to using performance data to improve your bottom line. On this webinar presented by B2W Software's Tom Willey, you'll find out that reporting on what crews achieve in the field can do a lot more than fill accounting requirements. The webinar will discuss how daily insight into performance vs. plan can help your company:
Adjust operations more effectively and immediately
Base your next estimates on actual, achievable production rates
Please join B2W Software on our Dec. 6, 2023 NUCA webinar for a demonstration of how contractors of all sizes and across all utility sectors can: 
Step up to customizable, electronic field logs, making it easier to record production quantities, labor hours, material and equipment use, plus other field data specific to their utility construction requirements
Get real-time reports on actual vs. planned production in simple, field-friendly formats, so they can make timely operational adjustments
Make it quick and easy for estimators to access and filter actual production rates from similar jobs with a few mouse clicks, so they can make bids for new jobs more accurate

Tom Willey has been with B2W Software for over 17 years, and in the technology space for over 25 years. After eight years creating solutions in the networking, server, storage space, he joined B2W as a product trainer.  In his 17 years with the company, he has moved from Trainer, to Implementation Team Lead, to Solutions Engineer, and now manages the Solutions Engineering team. 

Watch the webinar here.
NUCA Webinar: Davis-Bacon Final Rule

Each year, the Davis-Bacon Act's prevailing wage regulations apply to roughly $217 billion in federal and federally assisted construction projects. The U.S. Dept. of Labor announced its new Davis-Bacon regulations are effective October 23, less than three months away. These regulations will be enforced for projects receiving funding under the 2021 Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA). Our webinar presenters will be:
  • Ben Brubeck, ABC's Vice President of Regulatory, Labor and State Affairs, whose years of expertise with Davis-Bacon regulations was recently shared on Fox News's "America Reports."
  • Jonathan Landesman, labor and employment attorney and partner in the Labor and Employment Practice Group of Cohen, Seglias, Pallas, Greenhall and Furman PC. Jon’s expertise includes almost 20 years of Davis-Bacon litigation defenses for East Coast construction companies.
Our experts discussed in-depth the new changes and how their compliance requirements will affect utility construction contractors and their employees. NUCA's vice president of government affairs Zack Perconti also discussed the next steps the construction industry is taking to mitigate these controversial changes to long-standing labor practices. 
Take Utility Construction Capabilities to the Next Level: A Discussion on Boosting Efficiency and Fleet Versatility with Attachments
Sponsored by RoadWidener
Watch RoadWidener here.
This webinar highlighted some of the current challenges facing the utility construction industry, the opportunities and enhanced versatility that specialty attachments offer contractors, and finally, review case studies of how utility operations have used specialty attachments to enhance processes such as trench backfilling and trench compaction. Key takeaways from the event include information on how your company can increase efficiency, safety and productivity while maximizing equipment versatility on utility jobsites with attachments. Our presenter is Lynn Marsh, president of Road Widener LLC. Prior to this role, she served as a controller and later as a COO at a paving company. Lynn is well-versed in both road and utility construction topics as well as safety initiatives, such as the United States DOT’s Road to Zero.

The Top 10 Issues Facing Water Infrastructure in 2022 and Beyond​
Sponsored by Hobas Pipe

With billions of federal infrastructure dollars coming to our industry over the next five years, correcting the problems from an aging water and wastewater infrastructure could be at hand for the utility construction industry. Join NUCA on August 10 for our monthly webinar series, where we discuss what resources are being made for renewing and replacing obsolete water infrastructure. Our National Partner Hobas Pipe will discuss the capital improvement financing that is coming available, and the importance of helping the public understand the value of your local water resources. 

Our webinar will examine the long-term outlook for water supplies, life cycle costs of our choices, and how the right materials can maximize the return sought by water infrastructure stakeholders. Hobas Pipe’s infrastructure expert Joe Tipton will lead the presentation. Register today for this informative outlook about our industry tomorrow.

Member Benefits - NUCA's Many Safety Education & Training Programs Can Help Your Company

NUCA's top priority for our industry is SAFETY. With your NUCA membership, your company has access to NUCA’s elite educational program, technical assistance, and training programs to ensure that you are protecting your most important investment – your employees. Learn more from NUCA's director of safety Mike Flowers about how you can make safety a top priority.

NUCA's Update on the National Supply Chain Crisis for Construction

Memo to Attendees: From NUCA Legal Committee (PDF)
Webinar PowerPoint Presentation (PDF)
TXDOT Memo To District Engineers, "Materials Availability and Price Issues" (April 5, 2022)
SDDOT Memo to Contractors, "Construction Material Availability and Supply Chain Issues" (March 16, 2022)

Thomas Olson, Esq., of Olson Construction Law, and Shawn R. Farrell, Esq, of Cohen Seglias, will answer your questions on how to mitigate the risk associated with today’s unprecedented material cost increases. Tom and Shawn are chapter counsel for NUCA in their respective states, and will share their strategies for implementing a “best practices” methodology for dealing with this every changing supply environment. NUCA's leadership asked them to hold this webinar and focus on how members can negotiate changes to the terms of your contracts and get change orders approved to cover the cost of increases in materials and labor.

NUCA Advantage's New 401k Option: Boost Your Company's Competitiveness

Your NUCA Advantage program is now offering a new 401k retirement plan option to its members. Our benefits partner Memberfy will through this webinar how this plan will make your company more competitive in a tight labor market. Our tailored webinar will explain how easy it is to begin using a 401k retirement plan option in your business, retain your employees, and give them and their family a future resource stream.

Understanding Prevailing Wage in Construction Projects
Sponsored by Beneco

Are you either considering or starting a prevailing wage project in the future? Understanding prevailing wage and the Davis-Bacon Act is not always easy. NUCA's National Partner Beneco and NUCA are hosting this free webinar for members where you will learn the ins-and-outs of prevailing wage regulations and how it can benefit your company.

Learn the rules from our expert, Jason Sperflage, and find out how to streamline the process and even save some money through unique employee benefits, compliance services, and HR solutions. Jason Sperfslage, Sales Director at Beneco, has been with Beneco for more than five years and is passionate about finding solutions to simplify complicated processes for clients while saving them money.

NUCA Advantage's New 401k Option for Member Employees
Sponsored by Memberfy

Download Presentation

NUCA Advantage will be offering a new 401k retirement plan option to its members. Our benefits partner Memberfy will through this webinar explain this new plan available to members and their employees, and how this plan will make your company more competitive and retain your employees.  

Dollars On The Way: NUCA And The New Resources Contained
In The Infrastructure Bill

NUCA lobbyist Zack Perconti shares an indepth explanation of the new core infrastructure bill. $1.2 trillion in overall funding will be apportioned to each state by this new law.  Our webinar will help members understand the historic depth of these new resources, how these resources will be delivered to states and projects over the next five years, and where member companies can use these projects for their business success.

Material Shortages - NUCA's Update On The National Supply Crisis
Download The On-Screen Presentation (PDF)

Since early summer, NUCA members have continued to experience delays in delivery and even shortages of steel joists, copper, insulation, stainless steel, brass and PVC piping. These unexpected additional delays and costs are disrupting projects across the nation. Some members are even laying off employees because of material shortages closing down projects. What is behind these disruptions—and what can NUCA members do?
Please join NUCA’s industry experts for a webinar discussing these market supply shortages. The federal government is attempting to address bottlenecks at ports, but there is more that must be done. Congress is debating massive new infrastructure legislation that will be the main topic of our Nov. 3 Washington Summit, but will billions in future project funding help solve today’s crisis? NUCA members can also learn about managing this risk to better protect themselves from these disruptions.
Our presenters:
•            NUCA CEO Doug Carlson
•            NUCA Government Affairs Associate Zack Perconti
•            Shawn R. Farrell, Esq., legal counsel for NUCA of New Jersey, and partner at Cohen Seglias, Philadelphia, PA

NUCA Advantage - A Suite of Member Business Benefits
Sponsored by NUCA Advantage / Memberfy

Is your company taking full advantage of NUCA's biggest benefit offered to all of our members? Learn more about NUCA Advantage's new partner, Memberfy, and the benefits it can deliver to your bottom line.

Construction Technology and The Coming Tide in Equipment Management
Sponsored by Tenna

Presented by Tenna's Russ Young, participants in NUCA's September webinar will hear lessons learned from 1,200 construction companies on construction technology and equipment management, and learn how the construction industry and construction tech can partner up to best serve utility contractors.

How Volumetric Technology Benefits The Industry
Sponsored by CemenTech

This fast growing technology for the utility contractor has actually been around for decades but in the past few years growth has been spurred by equipment automation, ease of use and increased safety measures. Benefits of volumetric technology for the utility contractor include increased productivity, increased profits and versatility in the field. Utilize the benefits of volumetric technology to pour high quality concrete, flowable fill, grout or specialty mixes all from the same piece of equipment. In this webinar, you'll learn more about how this technology can benefit your business. 

Our webinar presenter is Cemen Tech's Mark Rinehart. Mark joined Cemen Tech as Director of Sales and Marketing in August 2014 after eleven years with Ziegler Caterpillar. Mark currently sits on the National Ready Mix Concrete Association (NRMCA) Board of Directors for Manufacturers, Products and Services (MPS) Division. While at Ziegler CAT, Mark started as one of the first employees within their GPS division supporting construction customers throughout Iowa and Minnesota. He moved into additional technology roles before being promoted to Director of Technology where he managed all of the GPS related solutions the dealership offered. Mark has a Bachelor’s Degree from Northwest Missouri State and a Master’s Degree from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Market Volatility: NUCA’s Analysis Of The Current Market Supply Crisis
An Expert Industry Panel Discussion

In recent months, NUCA members have experienced delays in delivery of steel, insulation, copper, brass, and PVC piping. These unexpected additional costs are wreaking havoc on existing and pending projects. What is behind this crisis—and what can NUCA members do?
Please join NUCA's industry experts on June 23, 3pmET, for a webinar discussing the current market supply shortages being faced by contractors. Join NUCA Chairman Lauren Atwell of Petticoat-Schmitt Civil Contractors in Jacksonville, Fla., Tony Privitera of Mark One Electric Co. in Kansas City, Yvonne Bland of Core & Main, and NUCA of New Jersey's Shawn Farrell, Esq. of Cohen Seglias in Philadephia for their important analysis of this rapidly expanding supply crisis.
Our panelists will be discussing the economic conditions creating these shortages, escalating clauses in contracts, what contractors can do to mitigate the effects upon their current projects and contractual obligations, and other critical topics affecting the materials markets. You will not want to miss this exclusive NUCA webinar, so please register today

Webinar Materials:
White Paper: Volatility in the Marketplace: Lessons Learned from Price Increases of Past Pandemics (PDFs):  Summary | Full Paper

What to Know About Manufacturer’s Tabulated Data
Sponsored by United Rentals

Presented by Joe Wise, Regional Customer Training Manager
United Rentals Trench Safety

This June NUCA Webinar Wednesday focused on the importance of manufacturer's tabulated data as we highlight key elements and tips to working within tab data requirements as well as deliver some recommendations to attendees for what to do when conditions change.

Joe has been with United Rentals for 17 years, and during this time he has served in various leadership positions to educate contractors on compliance and protective systems solutions for trench/excavation and confined space operartions. In his current role, he provides strategic oversight to Competent Person training programs in confined space and excavation safety.

Prioritize and Destigmatize Mental Health in the Construction Industry
Sponsored by HUB International

With suicide rates the highest among industries, the construction industry faces a full-blown epidemic. The problem is exacerbated by a “tough guy” culture with a stigma around discussing mental health. As a construction employer, it is critical to create a supportive environment with resources openly available and known to help employees in need. Join HUB’s Health & Performance and Risk Management professionals to learn how you can take action to improve the mental well-being of your workers, and make an impact with your people, communities and industry. You’ll learn about HUB’s Mental Health S.O.S. Manager training, utilizing HUB’s  S.O.S. methodology, which focuses on Signals, Outreach and Support. 
  • What is Mental Health S.O.S.?
  • Why train for mental health in the workplace?
  • How to eradicate the stigma
  • Signals: How do mental health issues present in the workplace?
  • Outreach: How to approach an employee – the legal and practical considerations
  • Support: What tools and resources are available to help?

Resource Management Strategies to Adopt in 2021
Sponsored by PROPHIX
Save Time and Increase Profits With Better Personnel, Scheduling & Equipment Management

While there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel soon, the effects from COVID-19 and government regulations, are sure to cause fluctuations in the construction market for years to come. How is your company monitoring and investing in its two biggest assets: your people and equipment?  The construction industry continues to be increasingly competitive and as an essential service during such volatile times, it’s more important than ever that leaders have access to pivotal information at a moment notice to make those strategic decisions that lead to successful and profitable project completion. 

During this webinar, Prophix's expert discusses: 
  • The importance of self-service dashboards that drill into your consolidated data 
  • How to connect your scheduling, time keeping and estimating data into an integrated analysis 
  • Tracking employee idle times and mobilization costs 
  • Utilization and idle time of equipment tracking 
  • Rental rate planning analysis allowing for adjustments based on assumptions 
Our presenter will be Chris Porter, Construction Solutions Manager at Prophix Software. As the leader of the Construction team, Chris is responsible for ensuring that Construction organizations understand how Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software will help to better manage their projects to gain a deeper understanding of their data and make better business decisions. In Chris’s 10 years with Prophix he has consistently taken on greater responsibilities in a variety of roles including; Consulting, Sales, and Channel Partners.  Chris is passionate about helping people improve the pace of their business through the power of automation.

The Significant "Adjacent Area"

Sponsored by:

If you asked someone what the word “adjacent” means, they would probably answer “Beside, or next to something”, but when it comes to the topic of excavation safety there is a specific meaning for the term “adjacent area”. 

In the world of excavation safety, the “adjacent area” refers to the area out from the lip of the excavation that is equal to the depth of the excavation, and that area is sacred. Of course it doesn’t mean we can’t put anything there or can’t work in that area, it just means we need to respect that area and observe some very real limitations and safety concerns. The OSHA Excavation Standard has some specific requirements that address this subject. Some of these requirements relate to protective systems and others involve jobsite safety principles and management. National Trench Safety's Jon Preston will join NUCA on our December webcast and address these safety concerns in depth.

Jon Preston has over 25 years of experience in the excavation safety industry. He has held positions as Director of Training and Director of Safety and is currently serving as a Senior Safety Trainer for National Trench Safety. Jon has developed and delivered an array of training programs including Excavation Safety Competent Person and Train the Trainer for Excavation Safety courses. Jon is an OSHA outreach instructor, teaching the OSHA 3015 course as well as the OSHA 10 and 30 hour courses. He holds a Masters’ degree in Training and Development.

2020 Election Analysis
NUCA Government Relations Team
The 2020 federal elections have proven to be one of the most contentious and important elections in decades. Strong opinions on candidates may lead to changes in Congress and the White House, but what will these changes specifically mean to the American utility contractor and our associate members?

Join NUCA's government affairs team on our November Wednesday Webinar to hear their expert analysis of the previous day's election results. We may not know the results of some races for days or weeks, but our team of Washington-based professionals will discuss what we know the morning after, and what we believe the results could deliver for our infrastructure-focused industry in 2021. 

Unlock a Smarter Worksite Today

Sponsored by:

Make the most of your equipment fleet—rented and owned—by leveraging cloud-based worksite management tools.  Whether you manage construction projects or industrial sites, the right software can deliver increased value to your projects and make life easier for your utility construction business. Join United Rental’s digital expert on NUCA’s October 7th Webinar Wednesday and learn how this NUCA National Partner is changing the way work gets done on projects big and small. UR’s Greg Gentner can show you how to use your assets better and cut your annual rental costs by a third.

UR’s Greg Gentner has been in the construction industry for over 20 years with a wide range of sales, operations, and executive experience.  He ran an underground telecommunications firm, leading teams throughout the full development of projects.  Joining United Rentals as a sales executive, he provided expertise and consultation working on some of the largest projects throughout Maryland and Washington DC. Greg will show you how to use your assets better and cut your annual rental costs by a third.

What Small Changes Can You Make at Your Jobsite That Reap Big Rewards?

Sponsored by
Making small changes at your jobsite can reap big rewards in terms of results and profits. Proper analysis of the job at hand, can help you determine what size machines, how many and the right configuration to ensure you get the job done quickly.
  • Downsizing just one size class can save you significant owning and operating costs. Learn why rightsizing your equipment for the job is so important.
  • Decreasing idle time from 35% to 30%,  can save up to 6% over a one-year period. Learn how to help your operators reduce idle time to increase profit.
  • Before you mobilize for a job, understand which machines in your fleet will most efficiently get the job done and why. Maximize your fleet across all of your jobs.
We’ll discuss how taking a holistic view of your fleet and jobsites, should determine what size machines you use. We’ll also look at how many machines and which configurations will give you the most productivity from your fleet. Learn how to utilize the most important data points from your telematics system to understand true owning and operating costs, on a per hour/yard basis over your extended ownership period.

Presented by Matt Beinlich,
Director of Business Solutions Group, Komatsu America Corp. 

Distracted Driving: Changing Employee Behavior

Presented by NUCA
National Partner Lytx

If it seems like you’re spending more time and resources than you’d like dealing with the aftermath of workplace incidents, you’re not alone. From distracted driving to collisions, many fleet owners struggle with how to prevent these situations from occurring in the first place.

To keep employees and business safe, fleet owners need to be able to address the root causes of driver distractions and collisions. But run-of-the-mill dash cams won’t help you get ahead of risk. In an upcoming free webinar, NUCA National Partner Lytx will review the latest advancements in fleet technology—including in-cab video triggers and audio alerts—that are designed help to deter and prevent risky behaviors.

Del Lisk
Vice President of Safety Services for Lytx
Lytx’s resident safety guru and long-time DriveCam Academy host.

Lisa Gonzalez
Senior Manager, Product Marketing
An accomplished leader and passionate member of Lytx's marketing team.

Preparing for the Next Phase: Critical Considerations for the Construction Industry.

Presented by NUCA member HUB International.

Returning to work in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis presents contractors with unprecedented workplace and employee relations challenges. Join our HUB Risk Services team who will review the following return work considerations and challenges:
  • Health and Safety of Employees – Recently the EEOC has issued expanded guidance regarding an employer’s ability to pre-screen employees and candidates for COVID-19 – we will review the new rules along with other employee relations concerns including harassment and discrimination in the workplace.
  • Health and Safety in the Workplace – We will provide employers with best practices to manage the safety of the employees in the workplace addressing items such as construction plan guidance, social distancing, alternative scheduling, disinfecting and cleaning, contractor management and physical workspace considerations.
In addition to this robust content, we will share tools and resources that you may adopt for use in your business. We look forward to sharing this vital return to work information with you.

Carrie Cherveny, Esq.
Senior Vice President, Strategic Client Solutions
Chief Compliance Officer, Employee Benefits Southeast
HUB International Southeast

Shannon Crawford, CSP
Sr. Risk Services Consultant
HUB International Mid-South

Rand Thomas
Commercial Insurance Advisor
HUB International Mid-South

Identifying and Reducing Social Engineering Attacks in the Construction Industry

Sponsored by NUCA National Partner CNA
Symantec data reveals that one out of every 39 construction industry email users gets targeted by phishing attacks. Overall, it is estimated that cybercrime damage cost businesses and individuals an astounding $1.5 trillion in 2018. Phishing, also known as "social engineering," is a cybercrime that can affect construction businesses of all sizes.  
Through email or malicious websites, the crime works by manipulating people by posing as a trustworthy organization. Attackers often take advantage of current events, such as the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, by baiting unsuspecting executives or managers with discounted or free offers of hard-to-find goods, or exploiting human nature and our desire to help others.
NUCA Diamond National Partner CNA's risk experts Paul Gouge and Terry Smith discussed identifying clues in recognizing social engineering email attacks, the clues that giveaway phone and text scams, and helped identify risk mitigation controls that your company can use to stop these costly crimes.

Increasing Jobsite Efficiencies - Sponsored by NUCA National Partner Caterpillar, Inc.

Scott "Knobby" Knoblauch
Global Sr. Market Professional -
GCI Applications
Caterpillar, Inc.

An efficient jobsite delivers maximum results and profits. And that positive result come from knowledge and experience. Caterpillar's equipment expert Scott Knoblauch discussed the recurring themes and everyday actions he has seen on 30 years of working on jobsites that can cause inefficiencies and loss in contractor profit.
Scott's lively 40-minute presentation looks at site equipment evaluations and what is needed for a job, possible equipment issues while being used for excavations, truck loading techniques, machine operations, and other processes that with attention and training can lead to greater jobsite efficiencies. Highlighting his experience through personal stories, Scott's advice goes across all equipment makes and addresses the common efficiency problems faced by all NUCA members on an active jobsite.

NUCA Roundtable: What Is Your Experience With The New Federal Business Loan Programs?

Open Discussion Roundtable
Watch Now

Fighting this pandemic and working towards our national and state economic recovery efforts is also an information battle, with everyone seeking answers. With our mandate to get as much information about the COVID-19 emergency out to NUCA members, this discussion focused on members' stories and experiences during this emergency.
Members discussed crews practicing social distancing on a job sites, how essential business travel is being undertaken day-to-day for utility repair work, and experiences with applying for the several federal loan programs (all described on our Business Recovery webpage at nuca.com/recovery)

Legislative Update on Covid-19 Relief Legislation

Eben Wyman
Principal, Wyman Associates

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Download PowerPoint Presentation
NUCA is committed to providing our members as much information as we have regarding the national response to today's coronavirus pandemic.
NUCA pushed to keep utility contractors front and center of the essential worker conversation. In this webinar, Eben Wyman and NUCA's government relations team provided updates on the information available and answered questions to the best of their ability about Congress' and the Administration's response to this fast moving public health and economic crisis.
Eben Wyman of E. Wyman & Associates represents NUCA's interests in Congress and the federal regulatory agencies across Washington. Eben delivers more than 30 years of experience to underground infrastructure policy discussions. From 2000 to 2012, Eben Wyman worked for NUCA on a broad range of legislative and regulatory matters important to the membership.


Coronavirus: An Unforeseeable Circumstance

Shawn R. Farrell, Esq.
Cohen Segilas


Watch Now
Download PowerPoint Presentation:
The national response to the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic flu has been overwhelming to the nation's businesses. Entire sections of the nation have been placed into quarantine in hopes of arresting its spread, keeping employees at home to save them from the risk of illness or worse. In the construction  industry, force majeure clauses in contracts allocate risks. These force majeure clauses usually come into play as a result of weather-related events, labor strikes, or natural disasters. With greater anxiety over the potential economic impact of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, force majeure provisions as well as notice and suspension rights are getting a second look. Shawn will discuss on this webinar what these clauses mean in contracts and what business owners can do with provisions relating to delay.
For more than 20 years, Shawn has represented general contractors, construction managers, owners/developers, subcontractors, design-builders, engineers, developers, and sureties in construction-related litigation.  Shawn routinely counsels his clients on all aspects of planning, initiating, and completing construction related projects. His areas of practice are construction, and labor & employment, and is licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. Shawn is also the general counsel for NUCA of New Jersey, and a member of several construction associations.

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We are happy to offer webinars and informative technical calls free to our members. This library will be expanding - covering a wide range of topics. Check back frequently to see what's new. For more information on scheduled webinars please us at nuca@nuca.com